DECREASE RISK OF INFECTION! Typically urinals are placed on bedside tables, next to food and beverages, somewhere inconveniently out of reach, or hanging precariously on bed rails by the urinal handle; the risk of spills, slips, and the spread of bacteria and infection is towering, until now!

REDUCE SLIPS AND SPILLS! The EZP Portable Urinal Holder is made up of a simple plastic cage and strap that fastens the urinal to a patient's bed rail, wheelchair or walker. The design was made to incorporate a "swiveling" action to adjust to different angles of bed positions, thereby reducing spills.​

REDUCE LABOR COSTS! With less spills, nurses can avoid spending time cleaning up messes and spend time on more pressing needs; and most importantly, the risk of infection is greatly reduced!

INCREASE PATIENT INDEPENDENCE! A convenient, safe, sanitary way to store a urinal within easy reach of a patient!

ABOUT PLG Innovations, Inc. / OUR MISSION

TESTIMONIALS  from nurses and infection control staff:

PLG Innovations, Inc.  (formerly PLG Company) Practical Little Gadgets Company was founded in 1998 by Debbie and Mark Wiechman of Millville, California. PLG Company was created after Debbie Wiechman, a Registered Nurse and Infection Control Coordinator at a hospital in Northern California, invented the EZP Portable Urinal Holder out of necessity, after experiencing first-hand the sanitary dangers and hassle of having no practical placement for patients' urinals. Out mission at PLG is to offer innovative nursing products designed to promote a safe and sanitary work environment, increase workplace efficiency and safety, and help patients to become more independent and maintain personal dignity.



 "The EZP Urinal Holders are absolutely wonderful! Patients are able to reach their urinals without having to place them on their bedside tables enhancing infection control."    --Cammie D., NRT                                             

"The EZP Urinal Holders have proven to be a very useful patient tool. Accidents due to inability to find and/or replace a full urinal have been markedly reduced. No more unsanitary urinals on the bedside table!"    --Michelle M., LVN                                                                          
"The convenience of the EZP Urinal Holder is priceless for my patients during their ADL retraining sessions."   --Brian V., COTA                                
​"The EZP Urinal Holder provides the convenience of keeping the urinal within patient reach. The safety aspect of less spills and the increased sanitation have proved very helpful for patient care."   --Anette J., LVN 

​"I ordered 25 of your EZP Urinal Holders and we absolutely love them! Some of the patients loved them so much they took them home. I am lookingto order more...The product has held up without any problems. The Velcro is still like brand new."  
--Deborah K. Smoyer MS, BSN, CRRNInfection Prevention/Employee Wellness


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